Khuzestan is the most prosperous province in Iran in terms of oil and Gas resources. People maybe aren’t that well-off however are the most hospitable people in Iran. After a Hello you are warmly and truly welcomed. They love their province and city to the point that never left it during 8-year Iran and Iraq war.


Ahvaz is Khuzestan’s capital. Its situated on the banks of Karun river, the only navigable river in Iran, which splits the city into two. Ten bridges connect the eastern and western halves. Ahvaz has a record in this case, with 10 bridges, in middle east. More than even its domestic rival Isfahan with 8, Cairo with 7, Bagdad with 5 and Istanbul with 4. Black bridge is the first bridge built on Karun river. It’s as old as Iran’s railroad system. The name is derived from the color of the material used in the structure.

The second one, on the other hand, is a serious rival to black bridge in either terms of popularity, beauty and color. White bridge is now Ahvaz’s symbol. At constructing time, it was worlds fourth suspended bridge and compared to Isfahan bridges whose popularity is mostly due to their age, white bridge was so famous owing to the architecture and global records at the time. Each of the 10 bridges has an amazing story that is much more fascinating to be heard when you walk on them.

Other highlights

To visit other worldly important attractions in Ahvaz, you have to spend more days in other cities. Anyone interested in ancient civilizations, have definitely heard the name Susa. It was among the greatest in ancient Persia. Modern day Shush, is home to a vast UNESCO-listed archaeological site, a compact museum, a crowning castle and the enigmatic Tomb of  prophet Daniel.

Chogha Zanbil

Hit the road again. This time drop off by the way older monument, Choqa (Chogha) Zanbil Ziggurat (UNESCO world heritage site). By traveling among the cities in Ahvaz, we travel back in time as well. This brick Ziggurat was dedicated to Elamite chief god Inshushinak. This magnificent Ziggurat in its semi-desert isolation is much more eye catching when the sun is about to go down, under the golden then ginger sunset colors. Try to catch there by the afternoon to take the best photos.

Shushtar historical hydraulic system

One more mind-blowing UNESCO site is still ahead. Shushtar historical Hydraulic System is a genius invention dating back to Darius the Great in the 5th century BCE. To figure out the water problem, they created diversion canals on the Karun river, a system that supply water through a series of tunnels to mills. It not only drives water to farming areas but forms a mesmerizing cliff from top of which water cascades into a downstream basin. By sunset when the city’s lights turn on, colorful waterfalls create a relaxing sound and scene.

Southern cities such as Abadan and khoramshahr which are economically important has also good shopping malls.

Where to stay?

You don’t have many options regarding hotels but can find good restaurants. There are one or two 5/4* hotels in Ahvaz.

We can offer you the best options regarding restaurants and hotels as well as tours. Just be in touch.

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