Amin SadriI had almost traveled whole Iran, when I was about to start my own business. My main motivation to open a travel company was to indicate my country’s beauties and wonders to everyone around the world.
To achieve my goal, I needed to visit other parts of the world. First step, I graduated from garden city college of India (in a different country other than my own birth country). Then I had to know how travelers around the globe prefer to spend their time and what cultural differences has to be taken into account. In order to tell you how significant this was and how much it mattered to me, I sometimes have guests from different nationalities. In this way we make friends and get familiar with each other. Europe and Asia were my first destinations.
Gaining a good insight during my trips, I opened my travel company. Since I am so interested in traveling, I picked people who are travel buffs as well. We all love to introduce Iran as an unknown country to everyone.