You may have heard that Iran is a country where you can experience four seasons at the same time. Imagine you are swimming in the hot water of Persian Gulf or sun bathing in Chabahar beaches, while people in North west of Iran are cleaning snow at their foot doors. In the middle of summer, Ardabil is a destination you can get rid of scorching heat. Locating in northwest of Iran and house of Iran’s third tallest peak, Ardabil province has got rare landscapes and picturesque sceneries. People speak in Azari in Ardabil.

The city became the center of attention when Sufi mystic Sheikh Safi made it the center of his Ṣafavid order in the 13th century. It is a very important Sufi pilgrimage site since followers buried Safavid founder’s body there. Ever since the site is the most visited historical site in Ardabil.

As a recommendation, don’t limit your trip to the city itself. There are more to discover in other towns around Ardabil. Meshginshahr is one of those places has to be explored. Skiers usually take rest in the town’s famous camp and relax their muscles in hot springs.


Meshginshahr suspension bridge, a man made attraction aggregated to the wonderful nature of the area, crosses the Khiav River. It is the Middle East’s largest suspension bridge with a height of 80 metres and length of 365 metres.

If you are an adventurer, there are still places to visit. Heyran defile, Khalkhal to Asalem road and Neor lake are other unbelievably eye catching natural attractions around Ardabil.


Sareyn, Iran’s hot spring center, would be a good break during your trip. it’s almost 50 km from Ardabil with good tourism facilities. You can taste best Iranian traditional soup (Ash Dough).  

If you are going to ski and relax in hot springs, winter is the best season. However, in summer you can enjoy green and beautiful nature of Ardabil.

There are limited hotels so try not to travel in high seasons.

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