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How to Customize Your Trips to Iran Today Starting from Scratch?

Customizing has always been satisfying. From clothing, to cars to homes. We are always looking for better convenience. Sometimes it’s done because you want to feel different while Sometimes you do it to get better services.

No matter what you do, customizing is a fashion-forward way of living today. And now, it’s the same when it comes to TRAVEL. You can customize your trip to Iran, too.

Here’s good news . . .

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could manage your time, destination and itineraries in your trip to Iran? Well, it is all possible.

First thing you should do, is to plan your next travel destination to Iran. Since you are reading this page, we assume that you are about to visit one of the most magnificent and ancient countries and cultures in the world. Congratulations on that!

But when it comes to having too many choices, it is not very easy to choose. Is it?

So let’s break the choices and steps down you need to take in order to customize your trip to Iran.

What kind of traveler are you?

There are many tour packages for you when travelling to Iran. Iran is biggest country in the region, so as you may have guessed, the number of tour packages you can choose, vary a lot.

So the first step would be to know your travel style. Here are your possibilities:

  1. Iran dessert tours: This tour is for central parts of Iran. Desert’s nights are mesmerizing, but there are other activities like Safari, Camel riding, Paragliding, Sand boarding, Buggy driving, Stargazing and camping in desert, which are exciting choices for adventurers as well.
  2. Iran ski tours: Famous zones for skiing in Iran are Dizin ski resort, Tochal ski resort and Shemshak ski resort in north, near Tehran and Pooladkaf ski resort in south, near Shiraz. Whether you are a professional skier or not, there’s a lot of excitement involved with these tours. You even have the possibility to ski at night.
  3. Iran history and cultural tours: One of the most popular tours of Iran in which you can visit highlights of Persian culture. You can visit major cities and know Iranian 2500-year-old culture better. You can choose between 5 cities or more and usually you stay a day in each city to go sightseeing.
  4. Tours for families: How are the family tours different? Well, they’re usually longer so that your family don’t get exhausted. Kids’ choices are included. So visiting aquariums, theme parks and more excitement for family members, are also included in the customized family tours. If you’re traveling with your family and want to stay longer, like 14 days, and see more of each city, family tours can be arranged and planned for you.
  5. Group tours: Group tours are the best choice when you are traveling on budget. These tours are popular for many nations and easier for tour operators to accommodate and plan. We customize Itineraries as well. You can choose to spend a week only in a big city or plan to visit all highlights. Some tourists consider group tours to be safer, more comfortable and cost effective. So if you’re in this category, you can call our agents and ask about next group tour schedule.
  6. Honeymoon tours: Another memorable way of trip customization is through honeymoon tours. Though you may have not thought about honeymooning in Iran, these tours can be customized to be both exhilarating and captivating. So if you plan to celebrate your love in Iran, be prepared to visit more beautiful gardens, special cruise ship tours, and romantic dinners and music, prepared and customized specifically for you.
  7. Women only tours: Iran tours can also be customized for women only. These tours are planned to see Iran from women perspective. You can travel with a female tour guide, and as a woman, you’ll get to see Iranian women’s daily life. Special itinerary includes music, food and gatherings designed only for female tourists visiting Iran.
  8. Food and culinary tours: Are you a food lover? Then why not customize your trip for food and culinary tours. We plan these tours for you to cook and taste Iranian cuisine. You can learn to cook Persian traditional food, and know special ingredients and spices that later you can make and enjoy in your hometown later. Besides, You can work with chef or mom-chefs with English translators. You can plan to visit several cities and know about the food culture. Expect your experience to be awe-inspiring, hilarious and mouth-watering.
  9. Customized city tours: Visiting several major cities in Iran can take a week or more to visit everything. So you can ask to stay in only one or two cities to know and feel everything about the city. You’ll visit each city like an insider and local tour guides will show you every corner that is worthy of visiting and take memorable photographs.
  10. Iran Nomad Tours: If you’re living in a modern world and want to escape from everyday rat-race to a striking and active lifestyle, you can ask to customize your tours around Iranian Nomads. You can enjoy the nature every day, see the hard-working nomads of Iran and try their unique all-natural drinks or food. Experiencing nomadic life makes you a more grateful person and a calmer personality. So make sure to savor and live every gripping moment of it.

Contact Us to Discover How to Have Your Tailor-made Tours

Customized travel experience in Iran has no limitations. You can always customize your time and your trip to Iran.

Some more tours you can choose from, include: Iran’s classic cars tour, escorted tour, diving tour, Silk Road tour, Christmas tour, Iran’s summer tour, UNESCO tour, Caspian Sea tour, adventure tour, etc.

In customized and personalized Iran trips, you have limitless choices. That’s why our agents can help you choose the best tour or travel packages for you. Feel free to contact us for getting more details about customized trip packages to Iran.

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