Hadi OskuieI strongly believe that I earn to travel or eat and If I have to choose, I prefer traveling. In this case we can kill two birds with one stone. During trip, we can taste traditional foods while we enjoy attractions. Iran, my lovely country, is a land of diverse climate and cuisine. As a result, I started traveling around Iran at the beginning of my tri plan.
I have been traveling from when I was little. My first trip out of Iran, was a tropical island in Indian ocean, Goa. I was so young and unskilled to venture and discover the place by my own.
Now, however, highly advanced technologies are changing the way of traveling every day. Google map, a bunch of websites and mobile apps connect you to the most authentic information in less than a second. So, as a regular traveler, I recommend you to pack your stuff and hit the road as soon as get a chance. Life is much more fascinating when you share your moments with others.
I can tell you wonderful stories of my trips around the world. From small but humble beauty of Azerbaijan to green yet weird Thailand and many other places around the world.
I know the world has a lot to tell me and I’m relentlessly discovering new lands. Even the same destination I have traveled before, still has got something to astonish me.