Hamedan, after multiple times of demolitions and reconstruction by invading rebellions, stands proudly with a heart brimmed with ancient-old stories. From very far in time (two thousand BCE) up to know, Hamedan is birth or growing place of variety of ancient civilizations. Hamedan prosperity and glory for about 150 years during Median empire, describes its importance perfectly.

Hamedan 2018

In 2018 Hamedan hosted 40th meeting of the affiliated members of world tourism organization. This considered to be a turning point not only for the city itself but in Iran’s tourism. All the tourism potentials have been ambushing for years to be recognized, discovered and introduced globally. What could be a better chance than to have the world tourism experts in your place?


A very distinctive thing about Hamedan is it’s city plan, which was designed by German architects. Hamedan expanded like a circle city with a prominent circle square in the middle and 6 streets, all of which meet at the square. Two silver domes at the beginning of each street has doubled the beauty of the square. According to the recent decisions, made by the city’s policy makers, and in order to preserve this exemplary and monumental city plan, all these 6 streets would be cobble stoned and no vehicle except some decorative ones aren’t allowed to the area.

Hamedan Nature

Since it’s a mountainous city, locating in Alvand foothills, Hamedan’s cultural and natural attractions are intertwined. The first and most important place is Ganjnameh. This historical, natural and cultural resort has been locals’ frequent hang out spot for many years. The complex comprises a waterfall, Darius Inscriptions, a hotel, a recreational complex and a shopping mall. The site, 8 km from city center, is the gateway to hikes up majestic mount Alvand.

Do you like to get a dose of history?

Another draw as intriguing as Ganjnameh is Hegmataneh hill. At first sight, you can only make some hills and a covered trenches but what lies below these hills excites every history and archaeology buff. A pleasantly rewarding scene catches your eyes and blows your mind. An ancient city emerges as soon as you enter the covered area. A median and Achaemenid city, halfly excavated, rises before your eyes. You have to pass above the city on a catwalk to be able to visit the mysterious city. Not so far from the main site, a humble yet valuable museum exhibits some historical findings. Stephen Gregory Church which is conceived almost the most important church in Hamedan, is about a 200 m away from the main site.

In a humble corner of the ancient city of Hamedan, tomb of Esther and Mordechai, bears a testimony to the city’s religious tolerance. Two very respectful Jewish figures are resting there forever.

In one of  the oldest city’s squares, Hamedan proudly hosts the Avicenna mausoleum. A distinguished scientist whose discoveries is quite well known worldwide. His invaluable book in medical science had been taught for years in universities. As an attribute to his great legacy for mankind, Iranians built an outstanding tomb. The outside structure, like every other shapes and numbers used in the architectural plan of the tomb, introduces something about his achievements. It has 12 piles; each one represents the specific science in which Avicenna was a specialist.  Plants which once used to cure patients, decorates his botanic museum.


You still have got time in hand, BabaTaher mausoleum is a great way to learn more about Iran’s culture and its rich literature. Through years of the city’s physical expanding, Baba taher tomb is now like a welcoming gate to the guests entering Hamedan. In a vast square, among trees a modest poet is resting forever. His poems are among the best romantic ones.

We have one more recommendation if you are a history buff in Hamedan. Gonbad-e Alavian is a post-Islamic masterpiece of stucco, built in late Seljuk era (14 century BCE). It was a mosque at the beginning then a crypt was added to the building and in the end turned into the Alavid family mausoleum. The building used to have a green dome however demolished during years. The identity of the people buried there is not clear.

Where to stay?

The city is recently booming by construction of hotels, restaurants and restoration of the attractions. Cafe shops are popping up around the city. Some newly built 4* hotels in the city are affordable as well as convenient accommodations.

We can offer you the best tours in Hamedan and best restaurants and hotels. Just be in  touch.

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