Huge Iran

Who Else Wants To See Huge Iran And Discover New Territories? 

While you’re sitting there reading this, you’re going to learn that if it makes any difference if to travel to a big country like  Huge Iran … And as a traveler … does it have any benefits or drawbacks?

How many countries could you fit in Iran if it was possible?

Can you imagine that? Well the answer may surprise you! Are you ready for it?

You could fit Portugal, Denmark, Cyprus, Belgium, UK, Netherlands, and Albania in Iran    and still have room to fit other countries like entire Japan.

Iran is the 18th biggest country in the world.  No country in Europe (except Russia) is bigger than Iran. It means Iran is bigger than countries like Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and France.

And in the region, Huge Iran is the biggest country. Almost double the size of Turkey.

But why should you care?

Just think about it! If you travel to Iran and visit two, only two provinces, it is as if you have traveled and visited a big country in Europe!  Isn’t it interesting?

Iran is diverse in its geographical areas as well as tourist attractions and climate conditions.

50% of Iran’s area consist of high mountains and 20% consist of deserts, and you can always find best tours to enjoy the fabulous nature from north to south.

You can visit Huge Iran for a desert safari tour, in central Dasht-e Lut desert or camping safari in Dasht-e Kavir desert.

So picture yourself travelling to Iran for a short trip for mountaineering, ski mountaineering or trekking.

What if you are not experienced enough?

You can always find several training programs in Huge Iran who can help you enormously.

Let’s have a brief review on some parts of this huge territory:

Northern parts of Iran

A green belt near Caspian Sea: A never-ending love story for tourists

In the north, if you want you can enjoy the Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests Eco region, which is about 55000 square kilometers.

It means this area in north is the size of entire countries like Croatia, and bigger than countries like Denmark, Netherlands or Switzerland.

So when we say there is a lot to see now you know what we mean.

Let us mention that people in Iran never get tired of visiting north and you won’t either! There are numerous reasons…

As we mentioned before, the northern part of Huge Iran is huge… 55000 square kilometers of green forests and trees.

The weather is rather rainy in most months of the year. So many tourists travel there in Spring or Summer time from central or southern cities of  Huge Iran, to escape the warm weather and to get a thrill out of Mediterranean-like weather for a week or two.

There are three provinces and several cities in the northern part of Huge Iran to visit:

Gilan Province: Famous cities include: Rasht, Lahijan and Bandar-e Anzali

Mazandaran Province: Famaous cities: Ramsar, Noshahr, Amol, Saari, Babolsar and Babol

Golestan Province: Famous cities: Gorgan, Gonabad

The traveler’s eyes are invited to see sceneries of exceptional green trees for miles and miles. The astounding nature that you see will surely remain in your memory forever.

But the sweet story doesn’t end here…

You can travel to this area of Iran for many more surprises. Food variety, friendly people, folk music, artistic handicrafts and more heavenly nature. You will find and enjoy all of them here.

Places you should visit:

Forests: Abr (cloud forest), Sangdeh forest, Alangdareh forest park, Masal, Talesh, Heyran and Arasbaran Jungles, to name a few.

Things to do:

Enjoy the green trees and forests

Try the special-made northern cookies

Enjoy swimming in the Caspian Sea

Try northern-style Iranian Kebabs

Ask any Iranian and they agree on two things about northern parts of Iran: first, you’ll never get tired of seeing eye-catching beauties of this area. And second, only one trip or two is not enough to see and feel the irresistible culture and nature of the north.

That’s why there’s a heavy traffic during national holidays from all parts of Huge Iran to North.

Also in northwestern parts of Iran you can travel to mountainous resorts or travel there for cultural attractions.

In northwestern part of Iran there are four provinces:

West Azerbaijan: Famous cities: Tabriz, Marand, Maraghe

East Azerbaijan: Famous cities: Urmia, Khoy, Boukan

Ardabil Province: Famous cities: Ardabil

Zanjan Province: Famous cities: Zanjan

Things to do:

Visiting Qareh kelissa (Black Church)

Visiting Lake Urmia

Try Koofteh Tabrizi – A delicious local food

Seeing carpet weaving production

Shopping at Traditional Grand bazaars

Central parts of Iran

Unique architectural sites along with dessert’s night sceneries

There are two vast and stunning provinces in central part of  Huge Iran. Isfahan and Yazd.

Isfahan, usually has a record-breaking number of tourists every year. There are a lot to see and enjoy, in these two big provinces. There are a lot of sweet memories you can take back home here.

Things to do:

Yazd province’s Famous cities: Yazd, Meybod. Ardakan

In Yazd you’ve got to visit extensive desserts. You can have a tour or you can take a camping tour there. Then you can experience the breathtaking nature of the dessert especially at night when stars are shining in the clear sky.

Then you can visit the old town (historic city of Yazd), Zoroastrian fire temple, Dowlat Abad garden and try delicious and mouth-watering sweets and candies from Yazd. Also you shouldn’t miss several mosques because the beauty of the architecture will blow your mind away.

Isfahan province’s Famous cities: Isfahan, Kashan

In Isfahan you have even more to see and enjoy. Isfahan has always been famous for its architectural style and unique handicrafts. It means you can be visually satisfied here when you visit the city. Safavid architecture along with some of world heritage sites make your trip to Isfahan extremely worthwhile.

Naghshe Jahan Square, Chehel Sotoun, Siosepol Bridge, And Shah mosque are some of the names you should remember to visit when you travel to Isfahan.

In grand bazaar you can shop for handicrafts and feel the taste of Isfahani cuisine as well.

Southern parts of Iran

From city of “poetry and secrets”, to the blue Persian Gulf

Shiraz is one of the most famous cities in southern part of huge Iran. Known for poetry, architecture, culture and food, it is located in Fars (Pars) province and always another record-breaker for the number of tourists every year.

Persepolis is the famous world heritage site near Shiraz. If you’ve seen photos of tourists in colorful shades, it’s the Nasir al-mulk mosque which is also known as the pink mosque.

Fars province’s famous cities: Shiraz, Marvdasht, Kazerun

Things to do:

Vakil bazaar, Eram garden, Shah-e Cheragh Mausoleum, Tombs of Hafiz and Sa’adi (two famous Iranian poets), Pasargadae and Karim Khan Citadel are some of the places that will make your photos memorable for life.

And last but not least, you can visit two famous islands in the Persian Gulf in southern part of Iran.

Kish Island which is an all-season destination and Gheshm Island.

Kish is 100 square kilometer, one of the least dangerous islands in the world. There are a lot of shopping centers and malls, a dolphin park, diving center and white sand beach, which is absolutely eye-catching.

In Gheshm you can go to Chahkooh valley, Hengam Island and be astonished in the Stars Valley. Also tourist go there for shopping, swimming and southern music and cuisine.

More than you can see in a single visit

You will find yourself thinking about how extensive and huge Iran is and also about a lot of picturesque and mesmerizing places you can visit. You can always add to this combination the friendly, warm and welcoming people of Iran which every single tourist of Iran notices and appreciates.

If you’re planning to visit Iran in near future, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

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