Travel on Budget to iran

Travel On Budget to Iran

These Quick Tips Will Help You Learn How To Travel On Budget To Iran In 2019 With Ease!

Are you planning to travel on budget to Iran? You’re at the right place. You can hitchhike Iran. Travel to Iran with your bicycle, bike or car. Or you can choose a tour package and still be on your budget.

So, for those, who seek guided yet on budget travel to Iran, here is what you should know . . .

First, try this little mental experiment. Put your doubts aside and ask yourself “what if “…

What if you could simply travel to Iran on budget?

And escape to a warm and welcoming country that undoubtedly excites every tourist … with its culture, friendly people, world–renowned tourist sites, and NOW with affordable budgets.

And unbelievably paltry prices for everything. Imagine that you can stay in a hotel with all the conveniences you want for only $8 a night… or enjoy Persian food in a classy restaurant with only $10 a person …or pay very low costs for transportation as well …

These are all possible … in 2019.

So make up your mind for travel on low budget or even better: travel under budget to Iran!

Where can I travel on budget in Iran?

Well, actually there’s no limit. Whether you’re travelling alone or with a group, travelling cheap has no limitations.

Travel budget destinations include Iran’s big cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz or Yazd or Iran’s nature tours by travelling to North of Iran.

Travelling to Iran has never been this worthy of your time and money. It’s not too late for you. Besides you can contact us and we’ll show you the secrets of enjoying Iran with budget tour packages or customized tour packages.

Tips on Iran’s budget tour packages

If you want to explore the highlights of Iran, an 8-day tour is usually recommended. Because Iran is a huge country and has lots of fabulous places to visit, you have to set aside enough time to visit stunning places.

Most tour packages include 5 important cities of Iran which include:

  1. Tehran; as the capital of Iran, where you usually arrive at the Imam Khomeini International airport. Tehran is a gigantic city, full of history and art museums.
  2. Shiraz; cultural capital of Iran where you can visit mesmerizing tomb of two famous poets of Iran and also visit Persepolis, a world heritage site, near Shiraz.
  3. Isfahan; known for its Safavid architecture and handicrafts and world heritage sites. 
  4. Yazd; known for its wind catchers, magnificent Islamic architecture, the star-filled sky of the desert and memorable nights.
  5. Kashan; known for its carpets, ceramics and fine, traditional and elaborate houses and mansions, which is a must-see for every traveler to Iran.

You’ll probably wonder that these don’t seem to be a budget tour package! But it is. Why? Because you can customize your trip by choosing from various transportations (airplanes, buses, trains) or different accommodations (hotels, Local Houses) and save money.

Budget tours can also be for 15-day tours or more. In such packages you have a chance to visit two or three other big cities such as Tabriz, Kerman or Mashhad. You can also choose to visit two sensational islands in Persian Gulf; Qeshm or Kish or travel to northern parts of Iran to see the green belt near the Caspian Sea.

Now I can hear your mind saying that it seems a hard task to choose best budget tour package. Listen! It’s not. We are here to help you. Just contact us and our experienced agents will be more than happy to help.

How much to budget for a 1 week or 2 weeks travel in Iran?

You know better that travel expenses depend totally on you. But as a rough guide, and if you’re interested in numbers, here’s what you should know.

If you’re planning to travel to Iran on your own, your daily costs would be about US$ 20 a day per person. And if you’re planning to spend mid-range, your costs would be about US$ 50.

This means you have to spend around US$ 140 for a week or about US$ 280 for 2 weeks stay in Iran.

You should add the cost of accommodation to this amount where you can choose between cheap or mid-range accommodations.

So if you’re after a very cheap travel plan, you can do this in Iran.

These numbers may have changed when you read this article.

The second choice is to buy a tour package or to customize your tour package to Iran. This way you can make sure the package is designed to meet your every need and it is in your desired budget range and the most important thing to consider is that the prices are fixed.

If you’re traveling with a tour operator agency, the cost will be around US$ 132 a day per person, which is about US$ 924, including accommodations, which is not a high amount for staying a week in Iran, having way better itineraries, accommodations, food service, insurance and tour guides.

As you analyze the cost of your trip to Iran, we recommend that if it is your first trip to Iran, choose a travel agency and just customize your travel to Iran.

This way you can experience the best of two worlds. Cheap and affordable prices plus more enjoyable and stress-free stay in Iran.

And if you need, you can also read the article about how to customize your trip to Iran, here.

Would You Like to Save Money?

So now, you may ask what the next step is. It’s easy. Simply you can fill the travel budget request form for us and we’ll contact you on how you can plan your travel to Iran within your desired budget. By customizing your trip, you can make sure you’re travelling safe, please with every moment and all of it is within your desired budget.

Enjoy your stay.

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