Iran Nomads

Iran Nomads

Iran Nomads

The migration of the tribes in Iran is as old as the history. Iranians were the first group of the people who migrated and came to the plateau of Iran two thousand years B.CE. These Iranian groups were the founder of Maad and Achaemenian dynasties.

Ibn Khaldun, the Islamic sociologist of the 8th century Solar Hijri, categorizes the society into two groups of citizens and Bedouins. He believed the migration of human is older than sedentary and is a kind of adaptation with the environment. 

Tribes which consist of families are independent under the control of the Khaqan (Head of the region nomads).

Qashqai Nomad

Great Qashqai tribe who are living in vast areas in Fars, some parts of Boushehr, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari as well as Isfahan provinces, are hospitable and warm people. Some people still migrate and some others have become citizens.

Qashqai tribe consist of five clans which are Kashkouli, Darreh-Shouri, Shesh-Bloki, Farsi-Madan and Amleh. They are mostly Muslim( Shia ) and they speak in Azari.

Locals call Qashqai tents “Siah Chaador” (Black tent). They  wove them with the goat’s wool. The Qashqai’s men traditional clothes are knee-length outfits. They use a shawl or a cartridge ring as the belt. Dogush hat is a special clothes of Qashqai men.  They use Giveh as their shoes which are woven with hand. The Qashqai women clothes consist of Borak or Kolaqcheh (Small hat), Lachak (scarf), Albaqi (Head band), Koynak (dress), Koljeh (coat) and Tonban (Skirt). “Koynak” the Qashqai ladies’ dress covers legs below the knees and has two slits up the both sides and wrist-length sleeves cover hands. Tonban is a long and full pleated skirt; it covers the feet completely. All the Qashqai ladies’ clothes are floral and colorful.

Traditional Music

Music is something special in Qashqai tribes. Three kinds of traditional music are: Sarebanan with their flute, Changies with the instruments such as Korna, Naqareh and Sorna and Asheqs with the instruments such as Chagoor, Kamancheh and Sitar sing Qashqai songs.

Written by Hamidreza Azimi

Photo by Hamidreza Azimi

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