iran visa

Iran visa

As we all know getting a visa specifically for the first time could be so time consuming and in some cases even agonizing. While In addition it could end in turn down. We are so excited before visiting a new destination and we desire everything to be well-ordered. It’s way easier now to enter another country other than your country of birth since tourism is now considered to be an effective and peaceful way of increasing GDP. States are now welcoming tourists with open arms and are trying to find creative ways of marketing. Not only governments but locals are profiting in various ways particularly financially.

How to get  an Iran visa?

You can get the visa in either of these two ways:

Like other countries and unlike a decade ago, Iran’s government is trying to facilitate visa process. People of many countries are now able to get their visas upon arrival at the airport. According to Iran’s ministry of foreign affairs, tourists of 180 nationalities can now get their own visas not only in Tehran but in big cities. The visa with a period of 30-day validity and with an extension of 60 more days is now issued in Tehran, Mashhad, Kish, Shiraz, Isfahan, Bandarabas, Tabriz, Lar, Kerman and Rajaee customs. In order to ease and  accelerate the process, you’d better have authorization number beforehand. Keep reading to know how to apply for the number.

Iran Invitation letter

There also is an easier way to get your visa as well. Iranian travel agencies can get you an invitation letter with an authorization code. As soon as you receive the authorization code, refer to the Iranian consulate you have selected and collect your visa.
Getting the authorization code, you have to get your real visa in one month. As soon as the visa is attached to your passport, you have three-month time to enter Iran.

How much is Iran visa fee?

It depends on the way you apply.  In either ways,  for all nationalities eligible to apply for a visa on arrival in Iran, the cost is currently 75 Euros. The only exception is for Australians. The cost for an Iran visa on arrival for Australian citizens is currently 145 Euros. However If you travel to Iran by one of our tours, it would be free of charge.

Which countries can go to Iran without visa?

Citizens of the following 10 countries can visit Iran without a visa:

Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Egypt, Malaysia and Venezuela

Assuming you have a visa, since the officials are efficient enough, you won’t get too much hassle. Obviously, in land borders the process may take longer if you travel by bus or train.
Arriving without a visa is a bit risky, but there are still ways to obtain your visa. Consider the time you have to spend at the airport, it is much more convenient to travel safely with the visa in your hand.

How long does it take to get a visa to Iran?

After the application form’s completion, it takes almost 15 working days to get the authorization number. American, British and Canadian citizens have to hold back some more time. It takes approximately 60 days. 

How do tourists dress in Iran?

Regarding the dress code, they may ask women to adequately cover their body and hair from the moment they get off the plane, train or bus.