Writing about Iran’s largest province with such a vast dispersion of attractions isn’t easy. Kerman is a melting pot with Persian and dominant subcontinental Baluchis culture. Ironically, most of the places to go and visit in Kerman is scattered throughout this Iran’s vast southern province. You can just have a round trip to each of these real wonders or spend one or two nights in each city. Today we can see decent accommodations popping up in each city or town which host a main attraction.

How to get there?

Getting Kerman from Shiraz or Tehran is possible by air. Otherwise, if you want to follow your trip to kerman from other cities such as Yazd, you have to climb aboard a bus.

Cultural centerpiece

Nowhere is the best place to know about culture than local Bazaars. Kerman Vakil bazaar is a must-see. Due to geographical position and culturally different bases, various kinds of clothes, spices, handicrafts and Iran famous carpet have brimmed the local bazaar. Delve into  the bazaar corners and enjoy the beauty of diversity.

Get a dose of history and inclusions

Kerman has a magnificent history. You can get a dose of it in every city or town you enter. Ganjali khan complex, which patiently bears some parts of this history, hand in hand with Grand bazaar, is some steps away from Bazaar. A vast courtyard surrounded by a mosque, a madrasa, caravanserai, baths, mint, cistern and shops. Ganjali Khan built the complex who governed Kerman, Sistan and Kandahar provinces under Safavid Shah Abbas I. Intricate paintings and meticulous architectural patterns made the bath a masterpiece in the complex.

Persian Garden

No visit to Kerman would be complete without seeing the world famous Shazdeh Garden in Mahan. For all weeks during spring, the garden is a piece of green diamond with more than 5-acre area in the middle of desert context. Inspecting the air photos taken by enthusiastic nature lovers, you can only admire the awe-inspiring scene.


If you have got enough time and money on hand, don’t miss to drop by Rafsanjan pistachio Gardens. Its Pistachio Gardens are not only internationally well known but pretty sought after in Iran. Locals warmly welcome you to spend a day or two in the town.

Other attractions in Kerman

Unlike other cities in Iran in which the castles (Args) are located inside the city’s walls, majestic centuries-old fortifications of Kerman province are out of the hustle and bustle of the city. Arg-e Bam (Bam Citadel, UNESCO world heritage site) and Arg-e Rayen (Rayen Citadel) are man made masterpieces that you cannot visit both on the same day. And choosing which one to visit depends largely on individual interests. Fantastic old remnants built by backed clay are still standing strongly although nature has been so cruel to them.

Never leave Kerman without a visit to Lut Desert

Another sphere in which Kerman province really outdoes other destinations in Iran, is UNESCO-listed Lut desert. An unbelievably beautiful wonderland with specific natural wonders, declared as the hottest place in the world for a special period of time by scientists. Kalouts (yardangs), sand hills, salt river, Abolhol statue, star canyon, Zaban-e mar Canyon are some astonishing rare features you can only visit in Lut. Safari among Kalouts and sleeping under crystal clear starry nights of Lut desert stick to your mind your whole life. Kerman desert tours are a must even if you have to cross some other attractions out of your list. You can now opt one of the best and professionally operated Lut desert tours from most luxury to affordable ones by easily a half-day-long net surfing.

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