Lut desert

Lut Desert

Lut Desert

Those who dare a visit to Lut desert can tell how immersion in absolute silence would be an unbelievable lifetime experience, that could barely happen twice in their traveling life. They may never again get the chance to take it in. This extreme landscape not in one way but in many, was declared as one of the hottest lands on earth. You have to feel the hot sand dunes under your foot to entirely discover this otherworldly piece of wonder land.

Lut desert specific natural wonders

Lut desert aka Dasht-e Lut is located southeast of Iran. An adventure to Lut desert can begin from south Khorasan province and end in Kerman province. Even though the land seems lifeless at the surface, its notable for a rich variety of spectacular desert landforms, flora and fauna. Erosion is a common phenomenon in this hyper arid desert. Gales from June to October which transform sediments in colossal scale, create the most spectacular Yardang landforms. Under the star-studded sky, you can also walk along the extensive stony ways (Hamada).

Lut desert is an impeccable example of ongoing geological process. Every year great massive (immense) changes form spectacular land forms. If you travel to the desert each year you barely can recognize the exact places you had visited.

Sun set

One more thing photographers can’t let go, is dreamy sun sets. When the sun touches the mighty Kalouts and sprays golden then ginger light to the unlimited vast, together with total silence of the desert, is an unforgettable experience.

How long do you need?

At least a three-day journey could cover the main phenomena of Lut desert. Sometimes between late October to early May is the best time to discover this almost untouched land.

Where to stay?

Being universally important, Lut desert now can host local and foreign tourists in its beautifully designed 5-star Camps. Almost adapted to the nature, the camp and local houses provide luxury to affordable services.

As explained at the beginning, adventurers take either of the two ways. First, they can fly to Birjand and stat the journey from south Khorasan or fly to Kerman and follow the road to Lut desert and end their discovery in Birjand. Train to Kerman and Bus to Birjand are also other options to be considered if you are traveling on budget.

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