Our story

IranNova Team

We have a motto: Don’t listen stories, TELL the stories

Since we all recall our childhood stories told by our parents or vividly remember the story books we used to read in pre or school days, they play a crucial role in our character making process. That’s why story and storytelling is quite important. You may have encountered many people telling fascinating stories of trips to the farthest places in the world or met weird people and obscure life style or perplexing cultures. They have always wonderful things to bring up and entertain people around them. Some of them are now called influencers who are pioneers in travelling. They discover, facilitate then introduce new destinations to the travel buffs. Don’t you like to be the one who can tell the stories of the most strange yet unbelievably intriguing things?

Here in IranNova, We are professional storytellers and will tell you the story of a newly-born Nova in the sky of Iran tourism, Iran Nova, to help you tell your own story of a lifetime trip.

our story

In IRANNOVA, we are different yet similar in one thing:

Since we are all TRAVEL junkies, we also bring different people together in a tour that are TRAVEL buffs.

Whatever you need in a tour package such as a good quality Hotel, safe and sound transportation means, online support team, a practical and balanced itinerary and professional staff, we offer you all. 

We consider trends in travel and figure out various ways of travel then recommend a practical tour to meet your needs. Modern family travels, single parent families, bridal bar on destination weddings and adventure honeymoons, business + leisure (bleisure) trips and solo trips are our new tour packages.

our story

Since Travel is a big decision, we do our best to make it as easy as possible; Travel is our lifestyle

We know what travelers really want:

  •  A Balance of inclusions and free time;
  • A Mix of classic highlights and local secrets you won’t find on Google;
  • And of course, an authentic real life experience.

We only need you to:

  • Imagine your dream trip
  • opt a destination

Then leave it all to us:

  • We are creative
  •  Committed
  •  Fast
  • We know our stuff
  • We prove it