A vast plain of Morghab has the honor to hold the body of one of the most distinguished men in whole mankind history.  About 135 Km from Shiraz, a humble yet majestic structure arises. Cyrus the great, founder of Achaemenid ٍEmpire, is buried in the silence of this prosperous land renowned as Pasargadae.

Other highlights

Due to a permanent river flowing through the plain, the soil has invariably been fertile. Contrary to people beliefs, Pasargadae, the earliest capital of the Achaemenid (First Persian) Empire, is not mere a Tomb. However, Pasargadae is a complex of scattered palaces and buildings containing the Mausoleum of Cyrus II; Tall-e Takht, a fortified terrace; and a royal ensemble of gatehouse, audience hall, residential palace as well as gardens. The palaces were constructed under Cyrus, the great command 2500 year ago. Evidently, he had ordered the construction of his own tomb, which is the most important attraction in the area.


Buildings and architecture of the Achaemenid era reflects cultural tolerance perfectly . Structures are a synthetic representation of various cultures. Despite being a powerful empire, they didn’t force people to follow the king’s beliefs. Respect was an essential factor in that true multicultural empire regardless of nationality or religion.

Duration of the visit

It takes hours to visit the whole complex. As a result, they paved the ways which connect the attractions  in order to avoid squandering the time.

Where to stay?

Regarding the accommodation, you can spend a night beside the Cyrus the great tomb in a cozy local house. Other wise if you are able to start the journey to Pasargadae early in the morning then continue to Persepolis, there you can settle in a good hotel next to Persepolis. and if none works for you, Shiraz has a bunch of high standard hotels and local cities.

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