Saghi SoleimaniTraveling around the world was my dream form when I was little. I never forgot my dream and pursued it every single day of my life. The dream seemed impossible at the beginning but I was enthusiastic enough to fulfil it. I started visiting the world from Iran, my lovely country. By the time I was 20, I have visited half of Iran. From north to south and west to east, where ever I could find different people, culture and nature, it was my next destination. Traveling wasn’t enough for me. I needed more to know. In order to complete the idea, I moved to Italy and started studding tourism and international languages. It was the second great step towards my goal. Achieving my goal step by step made me more motivated to plan seriously for my future. I have traveled whole Europe and some Asian countries up to now but a long bucket list of remote places and fascinating wonders to visit, is still on the way. After 7 years, I returned Iran and started working in Iran’s tourism industry. I am so excited to show whatever astonished me in my country to my Italian friends. Feeling happiness and satisfaction in tourists’ eyes leaves me so relieved to continue my job relentlessly.