A trip to Shiraz will stay with you forever.

Who can forget mind-blowing Persepolis, isolated yet humble tomb of Cyrus, the great in Pasargadae, botanical Eram Garden, one of the impeccable example of UNESCO-listed Persian Gardens, meaningful poems of the most beloved Iranian poets, hospitable and easy-going people of Shiraz or heavenly taste local desserts such as Faloodeh or Masghati and appetizing foods such as Kalampolo?

Where to stay in Shiraz?

Whether you are invited to a friend’s house or going to stay in one of the Shiraz hotels, finding a wide variety of accommodations won’t be a tough deal. Wallet-friendly local houses have recently found their own place among travelers as well. Every credible site now listed Shiraz hotels.

Where you can eat?

Shiraz people are used to eating out in cozy restaurant-gardens. As a result, the city is brimming with restaurants and cafes, pupping up around every now and then. If you have enough time on hand and aren’t traveling on budget, you have bunch of options to choose between different nationality’s restaurants or Iranian ones with appetizing local food along with traditional live music.


Once you have soaked up enough delicious foods, it’s time to squeeze some Persian culture. We recommend staying for at least three days in Shiraz to properly experience all its wonders at a relaxed pace. Blessed with culturally and historically monumental legacies from ancient to modern political eras, Shiraz is the beating heart of Persian culture where you can get enough dose of Persian art, history, architecture and culture.

To learn about its rich poetic, mystical and philosophical history, spend an evening relaxing your mind in the pristine gardens of Hafez and Saadi tombs. If possible, ask someone to read and interpret the verses of Hafez poems then ask someone else to do so for the same versus. Comparing the answers, you will get totally different and amusing results.

UNESCO listed some 9 gardens as Persian Gardens as world heritage sites. Eram garden is one of them. An old-day majestic mansion sits in the middle of a botanical garden. Its built in Qajar era while inspired by Zand-era architecture.

You still want more?

Nasir-ol-molk mosque is a small yet a must-see in Shiraz. If you travel in season, you can barely find a place for yourself since its full of tourists. Uncommon in mosques, the stained glass windows of the mosque illuminate its Persian carpets with a kaleidoscope of patterned flecks of light.

Arg-e Karimkhan (Karimkhan citadel) and its bitter orange trees whose smell fill the city during spring, was the Zand-era’s popular king residential palace. A man so blessed and beloved among his people that was called the people’s advocate.


No visit to Shiraz would be complete without seeing the world famous Persepolis. Magnificent reliefs, Giant palaces, intricate carvings, mind-blowing figures leave you speechless. An incredible heritage of Achaemenid empire. After a full day of exploration through remnants and museums, you can enjoy catching scene; when the sun kisses mountains and sprays golden then ginger color on the enormous historic complex. By sunset and ensuing impressive moments, it resembles the fall of every empire no matter how great and popular they were.

Other highlights

Some of the best things to do in Shiraz are, ironically, not in Shiraz. Jaw-dropping Canyons such as Raghaz as well as Rageh canyon, the later one is called Iran’s Grand Canyon, Firuzabad, startling Sassanid city and its shining history, skiing resort of Sepidan and Nomads. Nomads have perfectly mingled with the Fars province’s nature. Well-known for their bravery and hospitality, Nomads have got adventure lifestyle and can’t stand the hustle and bustle of the cities. They warmly welcome you to spend one or two days in their simple but cozy tents and experience organic foods which they grow and use in their own fields. An amazing taste you may never try anywhere else and won’t forget.

we recommend you the best hotels, restaurants and tours in Shiraz. Just keep in touch.

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