Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System

Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System

Even though all the legacies left from different nations around the world are undoubtedly valuable, some of them stand out predominantly such as Shushtar historical hydraulic system. They are universally valuable. The philosophy and engineering behind them are incredible. They are a real class to convey some very important lessons; never give up to the barrios, there are always ways to success.


Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System bears witness to ancient Iranian efforts and is testimony to a remarkably accomplished and early overall vision of the possibilities. Neither tough living conditions nor lack of advanced equipment couldn’t stop them. Jane Dieulafoy, well-known French archaeologist has written about Shushtar historical hydraulic system as the biggest industrial complex before even industrial revolution. The ensemble is designed and completed in 3rd century CE, however based on some other basis it dates back to 5th century BCE.

How does it work?

Something of more surprise is that the system is still working. This exceptionally masterpiece consists of interconnected bridges, dams, waterfalls, canals, water mills and majestic tunnels, which has been working in harmony together for centuries. The whole system Involved the creation of two main diversion canals on the Karun river, one of which, Gargar is still in use providing water to the city of Shushtar via a series of tunnels that supply water to mills. In the end it forms a breathtaking cliff from which water cascades into a downstream basin. It then enters the plain situated south of the city. Owing to this flawless complex, planting of orchards and farming over an area of 40,000 ha. In this plain known as Mianab (paradise) become possible.

In 2009, UNESCO listed this masterpiece, Shushtar hydraulic system, as world heritage site.

where to stay?

Locating 85 Km from Ahvaz, Khuzestan province. You can easily get there by car or bus. High quality local houses could be among the best choices if you are going to spend a night.

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