Like other naturally wealthy cities in Iran and due to its silk road pedigree, Tabriz was long a buffer between empires. We, Iranians, mostly remember Tabriz of the courageous people and their bravery during a war with invading enemies. It used to be Qajar dynasty capital; as a result, involved with many political and economic policies made by policy makers. Distinguished names in Iran history stand out when we talk about Tabriz in terms of literature, patriotism, policy and science. Being stretched between lake Urmia and lofty mount Sahand, Tabriz has much more moderate weather during summer than eastern cities however winters could be punishing.

Tabriz 2018

Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, celebrated the city’s designation as the Capital of Islamic Tourism in 2018.

Beating heart of the city

A thriving bazaar along one of the most frequent east to west trade routes, Tabriz bazaar has a city inside itself. Too many crossroads, interconnected covered chamber-like shops, social gatherings, and other educational and religious structures. No visit to Tabriz would be complete without a stroll in the UNESCO-listed bazaar. If you have heard about best quality leather products or can’t wait to see Tabriz famous rug, you are in the right place.

What’s more?

Blue (Kabood) Mosque with its intricate turquoise mosaics was one of the most famous buildings of its era in Tabriz. Its ruling didn’t last so long when an earthquake terribly damaged the facade. Despite a mass destruction, we still are able to adore the once-brilliant, 25-years of laboriously artwork on the surface. Restoration is slow but continuously done since the structure has to get back to its heydays.

An outstanding poet, Mohammad-Hossein Shahriar (Shahriyar), and challenges in his own life story, inspired him to sing the most beloved poems that every Iranian can read some parts of it by heart. He accompanied by 400 other brilliant figures in art and literature are commemorated by the strikingly modern structure, mausoleum of poets (Maqbaratoshoara) located in city center of Tabriz.

Pretty well known for summer strollers, Elgoli park, with a reconstruction of a Qajar-era palace in the middle, demonstrate in southeast of the city. The palace’s reflection in the artificial lake surrounding it, lines of trees and small yet elegant fountains, remind you of small European palaces. Elgoli park, after bazaar, is the best place to mingle with locals if you like to see the city from other point of views.

You are a frequent museum goer? Tabriz is home to Iran’s second largest archaeological and historical museum. Azerbaijan Museum some steps away from blue mosque, is a good choice for a cultural evening. You need more? Amir nezam house (museum) is our recommendation. It’s also called Qajar museum since the impressive building dates back to Qajar era. Close to poet’s mausoleum, Amir nezam house will introduce some piece of Iran’s history perfectly.

Where to stay?

Tabriz has a variety of high standard hotels. You won’t face any problem to find one which fits your budget and taste. Another sphere in which Tabriz really outdoes other destinations in Iran is fine-dining options. They are professional cooks. Ask locals to recommend a good one. Kufteh Tabrizi is traditional food.

Kandovan village, the best way to unwind

You may like to get away from busy streets of modern cities and unwind close to the nature. Kandovan village, still inhabited compared to the only similar but uninhabited rock village in Turkey, Cappadocia, is a perfect day-long getaway. Meander through the stunning rock dwellings and if you wish, you can spend the night in the village’s only lavish 5-star rock hotel and experience one of the rarest hotel bedroom in your life time.

Keep in touch, we can offer you the best hotels, restaurants and tours to Tabriz.

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