The world is big and time is short. This keeps reminding me of the most important thing in life: I HAVE TO TRAVEL. For the first steps to take, I started educating in tourism at the university. Getting my bachelor and Master in tourism planning, I just found out I need more. With a base of academic education, I started to see the world, this time physically. I should admit the academic theories gave me a powerful and correct insight. I could visit, analyze, understand and learn. Different languages, cultures, lifestyles, believes, religions, thoughts, nature, costume overwhelmed me. It was only after my second Round-Iran trip that I understood I was entirely involved in traveling. I couldn’t wait to pack again and hit the road. The more I travel, the better I know myself. So put yourself in my shoes; can you live two straight months without traveling?
I know the world has a lot to tell me and I’m relentlessly discovering new lands. Even the same destination I have traveled before, still has got something to astonish me.