traveling safely to Iran in 2019

traveling safely to Iran in 2019

Thousands are now safely traveling to Iran in 2019 that never thought they could

Are you planning to travel to Iran but you’re not sure about it? Here is some travel advice you’ve always wanted . . .

Is it really safe to travel to Iran?

There are some concerns about some areas on the borders of Iran with countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. Fortunately there’s no interesting place for sightseeing near borders, unless you want to be an adventurous photographer!

So generally speaking Iran can be considered safe to many foreign travelers. But there are more facts to back this idea.

First let’s ask what issues might concern you when you talk about safety. Issues like shootings, terrorists’ attacks, and disease outbreaks, being taken as hostages or other criminal acts, right?

So let’s consider each:

And for shooting concerns, you should know that Iranian citizens are not allowed to carry any weapons. It’s illegal to carry any warm or cold weapons of any kind. So when there’s no way to carry a weapon, the risk of shootings and such threats reduces enormously. Don’t you agree?

It’s also valuable to know that according to global rankings of most dangerous cities in the world, there’s NO SINGLE city in Iran that is considered unsafe in Asia or in Middle East.

So if you’re safe from shootings what else might concern you?

What about safety issues related to diseases?

Fortunately there have been no reports of outbreak of any disease in more than 50 years in Iran. What does it mean to you? It means unlike other areas in Asia or Middle East, you can be sure that health will not be threatened by such epidemics. Which is a great relief, Isn’t it? What can be worse than a journey being halted by health threats? Who wants that?

It also means water – or even tap water – is safe. This holds true for food and beverages and also for the weather. Safe and sound to a great degree.

So let’s take these concerns also out of your way.

What else can concern me which I should know about before travelling to Iran?

Earlier it was mentioned that NO cities in Iran are among the most dangerous cities in the world. What does it mean to you?

  • This means others life threatening risks like being taken as hostage or other risks of criminal activities also decrease greatly.
  • It shows security rate is high and police and the government are doing a great job in controlling criminal activities.

What other benefits you get from these facts?

  • Well, it makes Iran safe for solo travelers, backpackers, bike or bicycle travelers or women who travel to Iran alone.
  • It also means it makes it easy and safe for travelers to take buses or taxis or trains, alone.
  • And something you might have not considered … it also makes it super safe to talk to even strangers who want to welcome you and make friends with you.

Many visitors who stay even for a short time in Iran describe people as friendly and welcoming. There’s a huge amount of negative publicity and warning for travelers who want to visit Persia.

We are all aware of that. BUT despite all the concerns, there’s no evidence of such cases.

You might wonder what the media going to do IF there were any major threats for visitors and travelers for real? What were the headlines about Iran safety? Can you see any such headlines?

IRAN is safe . . . So then; let’s consider WHY you should travel to Iran?

Top reasons why you should consider travelling to Iran

  1. Travel with a peace of mind about safety issues

A lot has been said in mainstream media about safety in Iran but how much of it do you think is true?

What do you think the headlines would be if there were major concerns about safety of travelers to Iran?  What can you conclude about not seeing such things about Iran?

We talked about safety concerns in Iran but if you have any more questions in this regard you can always contact us and we would be happy to give you more detailed information about safety updates you might still give a thought to.

On the other hand. According to most travelers who have visited Iran, safety is the last concern they’ve had.   It’s been all about the experience, pleasure, and visiting new territories and new people rather than safety concerns.

  1. Travelers all agree Iranians are hospitable

They say seeing is believing. Everyone knows that Iranian people are hospitable and hospitality is in their blood.

However you should visit Iran and see it for yourself, if you want to feel like nowhere else in the world!

Because of those warnings you have received or heard before coming to Iran, once you visit the country you will be totally shocked in a good way. You’ll visit a country which has been known for hospitable people who are always welcoming visitors to their country.

Part of this behavior is based on cultural beliefs and part of it on religious beliefs of Iranian citizens.  There are stories after stories about being nice to travelers and treating them as guests.

The reason why, also dates back to thousand years ago where Persians have been the biggest civilization in the world, and also the biggest empire in the world.

So in this large country, they had to treat everyone with respect from Arabs to Africans to Asians to Europeans.

And this culture has remained for thousands of years in all parts of Iran.  You can see it in big cities, you can see it in the small cities you can see it in villages and with nomads, and you can feel it all over the country. What else can be heart-warming for your stay in Iran?

Many travelers have reported not only they have been warmly welcomed but also people have treated them as a part of their family, like sisters or brothers which is something that they have never seen or experienced anywhere in the world before.

So you have to come and see for yourself … despite all the negative media and publicity about how dangerous it might be to come to Iran, it is quite a different experience when you actually come in visit the stunning country.

 And isn’t it something that every traveler or tourist loves to experience?  To go to a country where people warmly you’re welcome you?

If you want to hear ‘welcome’ word again and again, if you want to see smiling faces of people when you greet them, and if you want to be warmly invited for a dinner or a chat to their homes, then you should really visit Iran.

  1. Are you ready to be fascinated by all architectural works in Iran?

Is seeing ancient architecture important to you?  Is ancient Palaces of Kings or the monuments remained of one of the largest countries in the world fascinating to you?

Do you want to know about the ‘richest country under the sun’?

Do you want to see the changes in architectural styles when the dynasties changed?

Do you want to be mesmerized by the beauty of the mosques, Persian Gardens, grand Bazaars or 3000-years-old cities?

 Then again you should visit Iran for its diverse, beautiful and fascinating architecture.

A more detailed review of Persian architecture is also available here.

  1. Be ready for a diverse food festival around Iran

Food is an essential part and the pleasure for any traveler.  You can say it’s the added value.  So if you want to taste traditional Persian food,  from Persian tasty appetizers to kebabs to stews, from desserts and saffron based sweets and ‘halwa’s to unique candies like ‘Gaz’ and ‘Sohan’  , and if you want to enjoy all the different cuisines and diversity of food choices in Iran, You’ll love your visit to Iran forever.. This will also give you mouthwatering reasons to travel to Iran as well.

If you’re seeking more about food choices and what you should really try in Iran, You can read the article about food here.

  1. There’s a difference visiting a country with ancient history and a country which is rather new to the world

 Persians are very proud of their history and there is a good reason for that. For thousands of years they have been one of the largest civilizations in the old world along with Romans and Egyptians.

So they have a rich and magnificent background, which includes a lot of scientists and thinkers that they can be proud of.

 History and being proud of history is one of the common characteristics of all the Iranians.

Even western countries have written great masterpieces and has borrowed a lot of knowledge from Persians.

So another reason to visit Iran might be to know about a very old and great history and the stories behind them.

  1. What is made by hand stays in your heart forever

locals make Handicrafts in every part of the country that you can buy as a souvenir or as a piece of art.  Meanwhile you can enjoy and watch how these handicrafts are made because a lot of them are made in front of the spectators.

Iranian handicraft, just like Iranian food is very diverse from North to South and from East to West. From famous Persian carpets to rugs, bags, inlay works (Khatam), and more.

You will never be more excited to see fabulous handicrafts and to know about the history behind each and why and how they make it.

This gives you another delightful reason to visit Iran. To see, feel and shop for handicrafts.

  1. Enjoy and breathe to your soul in diverse climates in Iran

 Whether you want to ski in the ski resorts in northwest or you want the shiny and warm weather in South, you can have both at the same time.

It’s important which kind of climate you’re accustomed to and you can plan your trip accordingly.

Rainy weather along with green deep forests in North is a must-see and must-feel.

The desserts in central parts with bright stars in the clear warm sky are another beautiful story.

We’ve covered all stories here as well.

  1. Land of poetry, stories and music

 If you enjoy music, poetry or stories you’ll find plenty of them in Iran.

If you’re serious about music, you will find extraordinary singers according to any standards and their songs.

If you are into poetry or stories, you will find golden gems that you will remember for the rest of your life which inspires you to better happiness.

Don’t forget to ask Iranians about their favorite line of poem, because everyone has one, and they will be glad to share it with you.

They also have their favorite stories that they tell their children and they will tell you if you ask them.

  1. A lot to see, with all your freedom

Have you ever been to a very crowded place for sightseeing?

Have you enjoyed it? Could you take a picture without people in your background? Could the tour guide finish his briefing or did he/she just pass because of the crowded background?

Other travelers won’t Interrupt you while enjoying popular places in Iran.

You will have time to interact with people feel the moment and enjoy the place completely.

This leaves you with memorable moments with the history, people and the culture.

You still have time to visit Iran while it is not that crowded by visitors. But according to statics, more and more people are showing interest in putting Iran in their travel calendar these days.

So it is highly recommended that you be a part of ancient history of mankind by visiting Iran while it is not that crowded.

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